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Nov 30, 2012 3:00pm PST
4,500 structures. más a usted... cinco centímetros. keach: archaeologist william sanders has been leading excavations in the copan valley since 1980. sanders: we decided to do a series of large-scale excavations out in the countryside to get an idea what the farming population was like. what kind of houses did they live in ? what was their lifestyle like ? probably 80% of the population of copan was in that social category. keach: unlike ceren, the ancient houses of copan had been exposed to centuries of erosion. very few artifacts remained intact or in their original location. still the team finds significant clues. in one structure, the team discovers a razed platform of stone, the remnants of a sleeping bench. in another, they find evidence for a kitchen -- shattered obsidian blades that once were knives and broken pieces of pottery that were once used for cooking. the layout of ancient maya houses is quite different from our own. the maya constructed separate buildings for sleeping, cooking and storing food. they organized these buildings around patios. after two seasons of wo
Nov 9, 2012 3:00pm PST
elite compound organized by david webster and william sanders. the tomb she found on the other building was right along the front of the terrace. keach: from sculptures just uncovered, they suspect the leader of this family was another powerful lord. i'm standing in the courtyard of a residential compound of a classic maya noble. there are about 45 of these compounds up and down the valley -- the sort of middle class of ancient classic maya society here. behind me are two buildings. the one on the right, we're almost certain is a residence, perhaps of the lord of this compound. and then the one on the left, the bigger one over there, most probably is a temple, perhaps his funerary temple. but what we're going to do now is look at a pile of trash behind the building here. keach: sanders and weber have just uncovered a midden -- typical maya garbage dumped outside of what was presumably the kitchen. for sanders, one item in this trash raises important questions about the economic system of copan. sanders: this is a piece of a metate here. this is the basic milling stone that the
Nov 15, 2012 5:00pm EST
plunge and a 17-10 halftime lead for the skins. third quarter, williams is dialing long distance. 67 yards to ricky sanders. and another one-yard touchdown plunge. skins up 24-10. >> basically came and did a great job. the man on the town. >> the dream scenario for doug williams turns into a nightmare in the fourth quarter. reggie white with the blindside hit, but this time reggie comes up with the ball and the big man can move. check him out. he rolls 70 yards after three quarters, and a reggie white touchdown, we're tied at 24. but this day belonged to doug. on the ensuing kickoff, it's keith griffin. he brings it in at his own 7 yard line and cuts right through the middle of the mayhem. break left and sets up the skins on the eagles' 39 yard line to end the third quarter. next play, and doug does a perfect toss to art monk right in stride. it's a 39-yard hookup. skins win it 34-24. >> once the coaches evaluate the situation, like jay went down, we've got to have doug williams come in. we've got to realize, this is not a team that's rebuilding, this is a team that's reloading. we'r
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3